Ultimate Gaming Rooms

A Gaming Oasis installed in a family home

Our Home Cinema Rooms aren’t solely for movie nights with the family – they also perform stunningly well as gaming rooms. High end surround systems fully immerse the player with audio coming from all sides, behind and even the ceiling! The projected image in this example is 4m wide and lit by a super powerful 4k Sony Laser Projector.

Ultimate Gaming Room
Ultimate Gaming Room

Zero Compromise gaming

Utilising one of our home cinema rooms for gaming makes perfect sense:

  • Superb Audio with full surround sound
  • Huge 4m image to really immerse the player(s)
  • Extremely comfortable seating which is perfect for longer gaming sessions
  • Soundproofed room so you don’t disturb the family!

The last item is important – our gaming rooms are isolated from the rest of the home so as well as performing brilliantly for audio in the room they also minimise sound leakage in to the rest of the home. After all, there are a total of six 10″ subwoofers hidden behind the screen – you can feel every rocket and grenade in the above game! Clients love to invite their friends round for a gaming session, multi-player games really come in to their own on screens of this size ensuring whether the clients love Gran Turismo or FIFA the experience is great.

The multi-use aspect of these cinema rooms is fantastic – the room is equally at home hosting the family for a Friday night film nights as watching the boxing in the early hours with friends.

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Home Cinema Room - Rear View
Home Cinema Room – Rear View