Home Cinema Garage Conversion – Hale, Cheshire

Converting an Unused Double Garage in to a Home Cinema Room

This Home Cinema Room design transforms an unused double garage in to a beautiful cinema room. Externally we leave the up and over double garage door in place (to preserve the street scene) and build an insulated stud wall behind it. This stud wall houses all the front speakers and acoustic treatments before being wrapped in fabric with the projector screen installed over the top.

Garage Home Cinema - Hale, Cheshire
Garage Home Cinema – Hale, Cheshire

The Initial Room Design

The actual cinema design is fairly straight forward – the garage door wall houses the projector screen with a wrap around sofa on the opposite wall. The walls are simply painted plaster walls with elements such as the velvet sofa and thick pile carpet chosen to enhance the acoustics of the room. The stud wall at the projector screen end of the room houses a huge amount of acoustic treatments which work in two ways – to enhance the room acoustic profile and also to minimise sound leakage to the exterior of the property.

Garage Home Cinema - Hale, Cheshire
Garage Home Cinema – Hale, Cheshire

The Audio Video Package

The room lends itself perfectly to a large 3.8m wide projector screen with the projected image provided by a Sony laser projector. This is a combination we install in the vast majority of our cinema rooms and it works perfectly – delivering a crisp and clear image which rivals an OLED or plasma TV.
Audio is provided by our friends at Artcoustic Speakers in a 7.2.2 format – seven speakers providing surround sound, enhanced by two subwoofers (also installed behind the screen) and two ceiling speakers for height channels. This combination absolutely excels in a room like this and the flexibility of the Artcoustic range allows us to design a speaker package up or down to meet a clients budget needs.

Garage Home Cinema - Hale, Cheshire
Garage Home Cinema – Hale, Cheshire

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Lighting Design & Control

Lighting design in Cinema Rooms is crucial to providing an enjoyable experience but a delicate balance has to be struck – the lighting should not detract from the enjoyment of the room. This is a relatively simple room but has a relatively advanced lighting design. LED strip lights run along the edges of the walls and ceiling and drop down the back walls with recessed LED spotlights in the ceiling above the seating area. Each light can be individually controlled by a Crestron lighting control system which allows perfect lighting scenes to be recalled at the touch of a button.
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