Home Cinema Room Design – Nigeria

Stunning Cinema Room Design Meets One of The Best Home Cinema Systems

When a client based in Abuja, Nigeria asked us to design a Home Cinema Room for his home he had one brief – quality. As experts in cinema design we are used to maximising return for a clients budget – “Bang for Buck” – for this room the approach was a little bit different. With no budget constraints we had free reign to deliver the very best home cinema system available. The below is the finished room design, our team will transform a blank concrete shell (measuring 4.2m wide x 6m long) to the below room – designed to hold up to five people and deliver the absolute best home cinema experience possible.

Home Cinema Room - Nigeria
Home Cinema Room – Nigeria

The Projector & Screen Choice

The projector and screen are pivotal to delivering a successful room and are actually the easiest choice to make. In this instance a 140″ wide Screen Excellence Acoustically Transparent screen was chosen – it’s 3.5m width fitting perfectly in to the 4.2m wide room. The projector choice is even more straightforward – match the budget to anything from the Sony Professional range of Laser projectors. In this case the top of the range VW5000 delivers a super bright 4K image using all of it’s 5000 lumens! This is a seriously impressive projector.

Home Cinema Room - Nigeria
Cinema Design Showing Projector Screen

The Cinema Audio Package

The above projector screen is acoustically transparent meaning we can fit speakers behind it – really tying the audio and video together seamlessly. For this cinema we went to our preferred speaker manufacturer – Artcoustic (who also created these stunning visuals for us). The Artcoustic approach is modular, allowing us to design speaker systems for any environment and most budgets. This cinema room has one of the most advanced cinema audio systems possible. In the below picture there are three front channel speakers (the long thin speakers with multiple drivers) with each channel enhanced by their own subwoofer (the speakers with two drive units) and then a further two subwoofers handle all the low bass needed for a room of this calibre (the speakers with three drive units). The result is absolutely mind blowing, the bass enhanced front channels allow “steerable” bass so you feel effects moving across the screen and the main room subwoofers deliver the kind of impact you can feel.

Home Cinema Room - Nigeria
Home Cinema Design Showing Speakers Behind Projector Screen

Rear Channels and height channels are equally well catered for with smaller speakers from the Artcoustic range providing fully immersive surround sound – complete with stunning 3D formats like Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision and DTS X. It takes a special kind of home cinema receiver to handle a home cinema audio package such as this and the choice for this cinema room was obvious – Trinnov. In this instance we have installed a 16 Channel processor with two Amplitude 8 channel amplifiers. A special 3D microphone calibrates the room perfectly with the Trinnov system fully mapping the room and pushing audio out to each speaker as the film requires. The effect is jaw dropping with a very natural sound – we aim for a fully immersive system which drops clients in the middle of the action and this delivers!

Home Cinema Room - Nigeria
Home Cinema Design Showing Rear Speakers (normally hidden)

Cinema Fabric Walls & Acoustic Treatments

The best home cinema system in the world will not perform in a poor room so one of our more in-depth pieces of work is to fully acoustically model the room and insert treatments where necessary. In this room a huge amount of sound deadening and audio tuning material ensures that the clients hear the film sound track, not nasty reflections or audio effects introduced by the room. The acoustic treatments and the surround speakers are all lovingly wrapped in the customers choice of fabric – in this instance raw silk. The finished room is clean, classy and shows no sign of the huge amount of audio equipment and treatments contained within.

Home Cinema Room - Nigeria
Home Cinema with Fabric Walls and Acoustic Treatments

Bespoke Home Cinema Seating

A home cinema should be immersive – once the lights go down and the film starts clients should be dropped in to the heart of the action and be 100% absorbed until the film ends. A key part of getting the experience right is comfort – sitting in the same position during even the longest films should require no effort at all. These beautiful seats from Cineak perform that role perfectly. They are electrically adjustable to allow any size of client to get super comfortable with moving foot rests, back rests and head rests – they even have cup holders so the clients choice of refreshment is always in reach.

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The Cinema Room Plan

Careful and precise 3D modelling of the cinema room allows us to work out every detail before the film starts. One of the key areas the 3D modelling helps with is the seating distances and heights. With the projector and screen combination used here the picture is bright and 4K resolution – allowing clients to get closer to the screen without it feeling too close – it all comes down to the immersive experience again!

Home Cinema Room - Nigeria
Home Cinema Design – Plan View


Thanks to our fantastic trade partners – Artcoustic, Trinnov and Sony – we have been able to design a home cinema room which is one of the best in the world. The client experience will be amazing and will be able to transport the client and his family around the world purely with the power of Hollywood. We can’t wait to build this – finished pictures to follow on the portfolio page.