Facial Recognition Security Systems

Integrating Facial Recognition in to Security Systems & Home Automation

In recent years biometric finger print access has been used to replace security codes and security alarm fobs for convenience and heightened security in cutting edge home security systems. However we always been slightly uncomfortable with this approach – imagine an ultra high networth individual with a stunning art collection – how far would a determined thief go to access the property? The logical conclusion is removal of the clients thumb or finger to gain access. This may sound far fetched but a lot of our clients are kidnap risks and have huge amounts of wealth and property stored in their homes.

Facial recognition removes a lot of these challlenges and we are a lot more comfortable specifying these systems due to them not relying on a customers finger or thumb! They also benefit from being a lot more reliable and secure – it is a win win!

Using Facial Recognition in Security Systems
Using Facial Recognition in Security Systems & Home Automation

Benefits of Integrating Facial Recognition

The benefits of facial recognition can be huge and we have listed a few examples below:

  • Automated Door Locks – simply looking in to a wall mounted camera can unlock doors and gates automatically. By the time a client reaches the door it has unlocked. If the face is not recognised then access is denied.
  • Access Control – Different members of the household can access different areas so staff and the children can’t access the wine cellar and staff can only access within set hours. The gardener can open the side gate but not access the home. A properly designed system can be run and configured by the house manager allowing complete control of personnel throughout the property.
  • Intruder detection – a fully armed security system can report activity to a central monitoring station – allowing interaction with potential criminals before they even reach the home. Facial recognition recognises and ignores the pool guy whilst focusing on and tracking the person who slipped through the side gate they forgot to shut behind them.
  • Integration with a Home Automation system – Imagine returning to your home and your favourite radio station is playing, lights at the right level and the temperature set as you like it. With facial recognition we can specify any event to happen at any time as you enter or move through the property – allowing audio and lighting to follow you around the home for instance.


For our high end security systems facial recognition is a logical upgrade allowing huge amounts of flexibility and control with none of the disadvantages of traditional biometric systems. The future is here and it rocks!