Crestron Flex – Unified Communications

The Perfect Solution for Microsoft Teams and Skype Business

Crestron Flex Unified Communication solutions are revolutionising the workplace. Native integration of Microsoft Teams and Skype Business allow users to quickly and easily collaborate with the minimum of fuss – it just works. A range of state of the art solutions from one provider – Crestron – enables Microsoft Teams integration from the desk right through to the largest conference room and the whole ecosystem easily managed by a cloud management system built on Microsoft Azure. We can supply the full range of unified communication solutions from the desktop P-Series through to the fully integrated C-Series – contact us for more information and pricing.

Below are some of our favourite Crestron Unified Communications Products.


The B-Series is the ultimate conference room solution – integrating Microsoft Teams in to a Smart Soundbar which handles all the audio video requirements needed to equip a small to medium sized conference room for Microsoft Teams or Skype Business. Easily installation couples with options for integrated cameras and single or dual display.

Crestron Flex B-Series


The M-Series replaces the old spider phones found in conference rooms throughout the world. Simply placing an M-Series on a conference table allows participants to easily collaborate, all controlled by a simple touch screen.

Crestron Flex M-Series


The P-Series is a desktop conference solution on steroids – start a conference call on your mobile phone and then easily transfer to the desktop. Its so much more than a phone, it’s a desktop collaboration tools showing everything from the status of projects through to a meeting planner. Its tie in with Microsoft Teams allows full collaboration between devices.

Crestron Flex P-Series

Crestron FleX C-Series

Of course, Crestron also offer a fully integrated solution for larger conference rooms and auditoriums – the C-Series. Designed to allow Microsoft Teams to be integrated in to a larger space than the above solutions, the C-Series allows an installer – such as us! – to give clients a fully flexible solution designed especially for their space.

Crestron C-Series

We highly recommend watching the below presentation on the Flex range and Microsoft Teams integration from Crestron: