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Welcome to Custom Controls. We are an award winning dealer and installer of High End Home Automation & Entertainment systems - specialising in systems for discerning private clients. We have offices in London, Manchester and The Alps and undertake projects around the world. We have a huge number of case studies available showing everything from lighting control systems through to high end private home cinemas, from one room through to homes spanning multiple buildings. The size and budget of our projects vary wildly but each has a consistent theme - Quality. Since 1998 we have delivered high end systems beyond client expectations.

FIVE time Crestron Integration Award Winners

Complete Home Control Systems

Easy to Use Smart Home Control Systems

Our systems make it very easy to control a huge amount of devices in the home. Entertainment systems distribute high definition audio and video around the home, heating and cooling controls ensure the perfect temperature and lighting controls set the mood. Control of all these subsystems is via custom created interfaces - either wall mounted touch panels or iPads - which provide a common theme to each control. There is no need to master different remote controls or switch things on in a certain order. Our systems tightly integrate devices so we get excellent reporting and 100% reliable control.

All our systems have the option of remote access - allowing home owners to see the status of devices in the home (Is the security system armed? Are the Pool filters running?) as well as providing control from afar. Several of our clients use remote connections to manage the heating of their home, allowing setpoints to be raised an hour or two before returning for example. Huge savings can be had be integrating home devices, in addition to aiding convenience.

Crestron Touchpanel Interface


Since 1998, We have delivered beyond Expectations.

At Custom Controls we always aim to go above and beyond client expectations. We are still in touch with, and maintaining, systems which we installed over 10 years ago. Our custom installations usually allow us to gain remote access for pro-active monitoring and fault finding which also enables us to make client changes remotely producing a speedy and efficient response to requests. All our systems benefit from 12 months of warranty ensuring complete satisfaction.

We also undertake support work and maintenance for clients who had an original installation by a third party. We can offer this support on a time and materials basis or as part of an agreed maintenance plan.


Custom Controls