Custom Controls
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Advanced Energy Controls

We create Energy Plans to Ensure your Home runs Efficiently

By analysing which electrical sub systems in the home use the most energy usage we can ensure your home runs as efficiently as possible – scheduling their use when electricity is cheapest or renewable energies are at their highest output. Intelligent switching of devices ensures that rooms are warm when required and hot water is always available whilst ensuring energy usage is as low as possible. The savings can be huge, by controlling subsystems we can offer more flexibility that the controls which manufacturers provide. For instance on past projects we have enhanced the standard air conditioning controls – which continuously provide air at a certain set point – to cycle the air conditioning when the correct temperature is reached. This logical approach saves clients huge amounts of energy with air conditioning now operating for a fraction of the time compared to the manufacturers standard approach. When a home includes renewable energies we can divert energy to sub systems as required – using energy to heat hot water first, then towel rails in bathrooms before diverting energy to swimming pool heating.
The Energy plan is hugely flexible and ensures your home runs at it’s most efficient – increasing convenience whilst minimising energy use.

Custom Controls