Custom Controls
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Whole Chalet Audio Video Systems

Chalet Entertainment Systems on a Grand Scale!

Our Ski Chalet AV systems are incredibly flexible – satellite receivers from around the world can be housed in a central location and accessed from any TV, in addition to movie servers showing the latest films and TV shows. Ceiling speakers in rooms allow clients to listen to internet radio, Spotify or their own music via Airplay – all accessed via the push of a button. User interfaces can easily change language to accommodate different guest requirements with radio presets and satellite receivers changing for different nationalities and languages – press one button and the radio presets focus on Russian radio and the Russian satellite receivers are selected – press English and radio presets change to the BBC and Sky satellite! A huge amount of kit can be centralised but can be invisible to the user, sources are pooled so clients see one button but actually get the next unused source. Rooms can easily and dynamically ganged together in to parties so the music from the dining area can be linked to the living room as clients move from one space to another.

For larger properties in-wall touch panels can be used to intercom between rooms – for example the chef can broadcast a message that dinner is served or parents can use the system as a baby monitor.

Custom Controls