Custom Controls
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Ski Chalet Mood Lighting Controls

Increase Convenience with Mood Lighting Controls

A Mood Lighting systems allows one button press to control all the lighting in a room or chalet – recalling lighting levels to those set by the client. This can mean a living room can have activities pre-programmed (TV watching, Entertaining, Reading etc) and by tapping one button on a lighting keypad (or remote control) the lights can fade to the required level. These levels can be set to increase the warmth of the room whilst using lighting to highlight architectural features. Our systems use digital dimmers which save energy compared to a traditional switched system – the savings across a whole chalet can be huge – and we can control any type of light fitting.

Lighting Controls can be used to enhance security and convenience around the home, outside lighting can automatically come on at dusk with pathways getting brighter as people approach. A ‘last man’ switch can enable all the lights in a property to be switched off at once or global scenes can bring on key areas when returning – no more running round individual rooms switching lights on!

Custom Controls