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High End Smart Home System installers

Powerful, Flexible and Efficient Smart Home Systems

Our Smart Home Systems simplify your life by adding convenience and saving energy. Advanced heating controls only heat your home when you are in it and offer precise control of each room – saving energy but also creating the most comfortable environment possible. Lighting Controls allow precise lighting scenes to be controlled at the touch of a button – lighting your home as you like it with different scenes for different activities (dinner party, entertaining, TV watching and reading etc). These same lighting systems increase convenience and security by lighting the exterior of your home automatically at nightfall – they can even simulate occupancy in the home by replaying your usual lighting activity when the security alarm is set.

Our Smart Home Systems are so advanced they can even work with renewable energies to profile energy production and perform energy hungry activities when production is at it’s highest – automatically diverting energy from one device to another to make the most of energy produced and reducing reliance on purchased power. A great example of this is using available energy to heat hot water stores with immersion heaters, once temperature is reached then energy can be diverted to en-suite and bathroom under floor heating and towel rails – rooms which typically have a higher temperature set point. Intelligent routing of energy can drastically reduce energy bills.

No Smart Home System would be complete without entertainment – our systems are the most powerful and flexible available – multi-room audio video systems allow clients to enjoy any source in any room with a full suite of recorded TV, streamed services and film servers available anywhere in the property. International clients can enjoy radio stations from home or streamed music services such as iTunes and Spotify. As we bring all devices under the control of a central smart home system we design the interface to be as easy to use as possible – selecting a radio station is as easy as switching the lights on, adjusting complex heating and cooling systems is as easy as adjusting the room set-point – the system handles the complex work of controlling the heating or air conditioning.

Our Smart Home Systems are unique – they are powerful, scalable and flexible – in addition to being reliable.

Custom Controls