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Garden Home Cinema Rooms in London & Cheshire

Garden Home Cinema Rooms – Create the Perfect Home Cinema.

Building a garden room can be an easy way to add value and space to your home – transforming the old patio at the bottom of the garden in to a stunning room which is isolated from the rest of the property. A perfect space for a home cinema. In addition to being isolated from the rest of the home the room benefits from being designed from the ground up with acoustics and the client requirements in mind. As a freshly built room there is no need for any comrpomise!

Our London and Cheshire based teams handle the whole process from design through to construction and fit out – we have teams of builders we have worked with before and guarantee you a great result.

Cheshire Home Cinema Installation 2 - Garden Home Cinema Rooms in London & Cheshire

A Home Cinema installed in a Garden Room

In addition to installing insulation to keep the new room warm we can incorporate acoustic treatments to reduce sound leakage from the building whilst ensuring the audio system sounds it’s absolute best. Thick curtains can automatically close over bifold doors whilst the cinema is playing reducing audio reflections from the glass walls and controlling the light levels in the room. In the picture above the room has two glass walls – one looking over the garden and swimming pool and another looking in to the garage!

Cheshire Home Cinema Installation 3 - Garden Home Cinema Rooms in London & Cheshire

Garden Home Cinema Room in Day to Day Mode

Cheshire Home Cinema Installation 1 - Garden Home Cinema Rooms in London & Cheshire

Garden Home Cinema Room Showing Cinema Seats

In a recent project we completed the clients had a large TV based home cinema system at one end of the room and an indoor cycling area at the other end – the client regularly watches films whilst spinning away on the turbo trainer and even routes the smart trainer through the cinema equipment to race other people online! These Garden Rooms can be the perfect addition to any family home. In central London the cost of building the room is easily less than the usual cost per square foot of residential property and prospective home owners love the fact the room is isolated from the rest of the home. We regularly share the home cinema room with office space and gyms – a truly multi-functional room!

Our London and Manchester (serving Cheshire) office have close relationships with architects and builders who are experienced in building garden rooms. Get in touch for a quote!

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