What is available in the high end Security market?

Intruder alarms and CCTV systems go a long way to protecting your property and may put off the opportunist thief. For the more determined intruder it pays to have a system which intercepts them before they reach your home. External perimeter protection systems can catch intruders as they enter your grounds – alerting the home owner and a monitoring station of their presence. Discreet speakers in the garden allow the monitoring station to issue a warning before alerting the authorities. All but the most determined intruder will flee at this point. For those that don’t the family have ample opportunity to make their way to a panic room in the property. The panic room is equipped will full access control and monitoring facilities allowing the home owner to monitor the property and allow access to the Police or a private security team. Having a third party monitoring station provides total peace of mind for the entire family whether the house is occupied or not.