Case Study: Stunning Basement Home Cinema Installation – Pimlico


  • 75″ TV Based Home Cinema Room
  • Artcoustic 5.1 surround sound
  • Anthem AVR with Room Correction
  • Seating for 8
  • Crestron control via an iPad

A Dedicated High End Cinema Room with Artcoustic Speakers

This basement home cinema room is installed in a stunning Pimlico townhouse.

Top of the Range 75″ Samsung LED Display handles Visuals

The dimensions of the room lend themselves perfectly to a 75″ LED TV – a larger projector based system would be too dominating in a space this size. The display benefits from a host of sources, including Apple TVs, Blu-Ray players and Sky HD recorders in addition to the huge array of apps built in to the Smart TV functions. The room serves multiple purposes, allowing the client to entertain friends during football games and also enjoy feature films with his teenage children.

Outstanding Audio by Artcoustic and Anthem AV

The size of this room enables us to really push the boundaries of sound reproduction. The front channels are handled by a super discreet, custom width Artcoustic on-wall speaker (mounted under the 75″ Samsung) and on-wall rear speakers (with the multi-coloured grilles). The sub-woofer is mounted in the bespoke oak cabinet work under the TV and, despite the small grille, the bass response is outstanding. The actual decoding of the surround sound is handled by a top of the range Anthem Receiver which enabled us to calibrate the room using their outstanding ARC software. The end result is simply stunning for something so simple and shows that a relatively straightforward installation can really perform! All the cabinet work was designed by our team and manufactured to our specification by our preferred cabinet makers. The rack on the left is completely hidden behind doors during normal operation, with vents top and bottom cooling its area to allow natural convection.

Crestron Control of the Basement Cinema Room

As with the rest of the property, the home cinema room benefits from full, easy to use, control via an Apple iPad Mini. One button press on an Audio Video source switches the Display, Receiver and Source on whilst ensuring the correct surround sound decode mode is selected. Online sources on the display are controlled as easily as centralised sources, ensuring Netflix, LoveFilm and BBC iPlayer are as accessible as a Blu-Ray in the centralised player. Audio is sent back from the display’s in built apps to be decoded and enjoyed at full cinema surround quality, ensuring this cinema is completely future-proofed.
Should the client wish to grab a snack during a big game then the same source can be routed to the kitchen – ensuring not a moment is missed!

Clickable Photos:

Home Cinema Installation PimlicoHome Cinema Installation Pimlico