Cheshire Home Cinema Installation | Garden Home Cinema Room


  • 3.8m Acoustically Transparent Projector Screen
  • Sony VPL-VW760ES 4K Laser Projector
  • Artcoustic 7.4.2 Speaker Package
  • Anthem AVR providing Dobly Atmos
  • Custom Fabric Walls and Ceiling
  • 8 x Cineak Home Cinema Seats

A Stunning Home Cinema in a Glass walled Garage Extension

This garden home cinema room, near Knutsford in Cheshire, posed one of our greatest technical challenges. The clients wished to be able to view their extensive car collection through large windows in both the cinema and the garage whilst in the swimming pool area. The room was designed as part of a landscaping project at their existing home and was required to be a real show piece – their home is positioned at the other end of the swimming pool so the new room and garage are very much on show.
Glass walls are not recommended in cinema rooms due to their reflective nature – this meant we had to think creatively! When the cinema is in use thick floor to ceiling curtains made out of multiple layers of acoustic fabric close down the side walls to stop sound waves reflecting back off the glass surfaces. This specially chosen fabric is installed in a “Tempo Wave” style which allows us to get even more fabric in to the design.

Artcoustic Speaker System – Lateral Thinking!

The other large problem with floor to ceiling glass walls is installing speakers – in a normal cinema surround speakers are housed on the side walls at about ear height. Luckily specifying Artcoustic P6-12 array speakers we were able to “hide” the speakers in acoustic fabric wrapped bulkheads above the curtains. The speakers are angled down to the listening position and work in conjunction with speakers and subwoofers installed behind the acoustically transparent screen ensuring audio is perfectly directed to the cinema-goers ears. The ceiling even has speakers installed to provide 3D audio height channels. Audio calibration performed by the outstanding Anthem AVR enables us to fine tune delays and levels to provide the absolute best cinema experience. This is a fantastic design and the clients are ecstatic that we have managed to provide such a great sounding home cinema room in a space which should not perform as well as it does.

Cheshire Home Cinema Room open to the garden and garage
Cheshire Home Cinema Room open to the garden
Cheshire Home Cinema Installation showing Film
Cheshire Home Cinema Installation showing Film
Rear View of Home Cinema showing Seats and Bar Area
Rear View of Home Cinema showing Seats and Bar Area