Case Study: Crestron Installation Belgravia – A Beautiful Town House!


  • Crestron Multi-Room Audio Video
  • 8 x Audio Zones
  • 8 x Video Zones
  • Full Crestron Lighting Control
  • 80+ Lighting Channels
  • 30+ Lighting Keypads
  • Full HVAC Control
  • Intercom from Front Door to all rooms
  • Glass Roof Control in Kitchen
  • Automatic Bath Filling System!

Crestron Control – AV, Heating & Lighting

On one of the most fashionable streets, this London town house is enhanced by a full Crestron Smart Home Automation system with HD Audio Video, Lighting and HVAC. A discreet home entertainment system pipes music around the home – even to the master bedroom en suite where we also fill the bath! A wall of glass that turns opaque at the push of a button and a moving glass roof add the wow factor while still maintaining client convenience.

A Stunning Whole House Crestron Home Automation System:

This project stands out due to the exceptionally high quality of specification and finish. One of the finest addresses in London, this house deserved the best full Crestron Home Automation system, including access to Audio Video distribution, lighting control, heating, ventilation and cooling. A variety of centralised sources (eg. Sky HD receivers, Apple TVs and iTunes music servers) ensure each room has access to all of these whilst maintaining a smooth, clean aesthetic. Even the in-ceiling speakers are plastered-in models!

High End Whole Home Audio Video Distribution:

The centre point of any home automation tends to be the audio video distribution and this house is no different. A Crestron Digital Media system distributes audio and video, at high definition, to eight LED TVs and sixteen audio zones. En suites and dressing rooms share sources with bedrooms yet are easily split, should independent control be required. Every room can control the aforementioned sources (SkyHD, AppleTV, etc.) via a selection of Crestron 6″ touchpanels, both in-wall and remote control. A number of stereo audio rooms are further enhanced by either Sonance plastered in subwoofers or Artcoustic subwoofers built into cabinet work.

Mood Lighting, Automatic Blinds and HVAC Control:

The entire property benefits from Crestron Lighting Control; keypads in each room allow any number of lighting channels to be controlled – perfect for mood lighting. Automatic blinds mean that light or shade is only a tap away. The lighting system’s efficiency is provided by digital dimming to save energy and maintain convenience with options like “whole house off” by the front door. Crestron heating and cooling thermostats monitor the temperature in individual rooms and automatically activate underfloor heating or air conditioning as required. The HVAC was custom programmed for the client allowing day and night modes to easily recall pre-set HVAC parameters when required, at the simple press of a button.

Fun Automation Too!

Sometimes the neat touches on a project are the things which really deliver beyond the client’s expectations. On this project there are a few elements which are a little less mainstream. Before the renovations, the kitchen previously backed on to a small outdoor patio which was only used when the weather allowed. However the addition of a sliding glass roof – all Crestron controlled – now offers enjoyment 365 days of the year! The other side of the kitchen opens onto the main hallway where a large glass wall fills the hall with light and brings a more open feel to the home. Using smart glass, a single tap of the Crestron touchpanel allows the client to obscure the kitchen from the hallway – great when caterers are preparing for a dinner party.

Automatic Bath Filling:

The main way automation has been used to enhance this property is in the master en suite. A huge 220 litre bath takes pride of place, yet there were concerns about the amount of time taken to fill. Our solution was to install a Bath-O-Matic bath filling system – multiple fill points ensure the bath fills in double-quick time. The client can fill the bath with a button press to the right level and temperature while automatically adding their own cocktail of oils! The system will even maintain that temperature by recirculating the water – perfect for a long soak. This functionality is extended to include the client’s iPhone, meaning a bath can be run from a taxi on the way back from a long day’s shopping!

Lighting Control in Belgravia
Lighting Control in Belgravia
Crestron Touchpanel on Bedside Table
Crestron Touchpanel on Bedside Table
Living Room Audio Video System with plastered in speakers
Living Room Audio Video System with plastered in speakers
Floating TV in Bedroom as part of Crestron Whole Home System
Floating TV in Bedroom as part of Crestron Whole Home System