Case Study: Whole House Crestron Lighting Installation Wimbledon, SW19


  • Crestron Whole Home Wireless Lighting Controls
  • 30 x Lighting Channels
  • 19 x Crestron Lighting Keypads
  • Full iPad Control & Scene Setting
  • Full Lighting Scheduling and Remote Access

Mood Lighting System retrofit into a stunning Wimbledon Home

This stunning family home in Wimbledon already had a lighting system installed by the original developers some years ago, unfortunately it was slowly failing and becoming more and more unreliable. On occasion the clients could not even switch lights on and off and had come to rely on table lamps to light their home. After visiting the clients and ascertaining their requirements (reliability being by far the biggest one!) we were able to design a rock solid lighting control system, using their existing cabling, and lighting controls from Crestron.
The final design is slightly unusual: we replaced the failing KNX light switches with mains powered Crestron wireless versions – this meant that we were only relying on the existing cabling to provide mains power to the keypads not using the unknown infrastructure to send data signals. The Crestron wireless keypads are all wireless repeaters so the more you install the more reliable coverage you have – they create a mesh network and the central hallway has keypads on every level ensuring coverage throughout.

Crestron Digital Dimmers provide flexible Mood Lighting Controls

he Crestron wireless keypads talk back to centralised lighting dimmers via a wireless enabled processor. We replaced the tired lighting rack with a regulations compliant DIN rail enclosure from our friends at Future Automation and then installed a Crestron DIN rail lighting system. This allows the clients complete control of lighting levels in each room, meaning they can use an iPad to change lighting levels in real time before saving down as scenes which can easily recalled by pressing a button on the keypad or the iPad. We even set up scheduling for the external lights, coming on at sunset and switching off at a client determined time (all configurable via the iPad). To increase security in the home a holiday mode records the clients usual lighting activity and replays it when they are out of the home – simulating occupancy.

Crestron LED Lamps too

Since the installation of the main lighting system, our electrical team have been swapping out the client’s inefficient lamps for new Crestron LED lamps. These lamps use very small amounts of energy, dim beautifully from 0 to 100% and have a perfect colour temperature (the colour of the light output). The difference compared to traditional lamps or poor quality LED lamps is huge and the icing on the cake for this stunning project.
The clients love the reliability and flexibility of their new lighting system and it has been a pleasure to replace a tired old one with a new and modern system that meets their needs.

Clickable Photos:

Crestron Lighting Wimbledon
Crestron Lighting Wimbledon
Crestron Lighting Keypad
Crestron Lighting Wimbledon