Case Study: Loft Home Cinema Installation Surrey – A Stunning Cinema!

A Stunning Home Cinema Room Design for a Loft in Surrey:

This stunning loft home cinema design is to be shortly installed in a room above a garage in Surrey. A 100″ acoustically transparent screen sits in front of a very high end Artcoustic Speaker package consisting of three Spitfire 24-12 speakers (for Front Left, Center and Right channels) and two Spitfire Control 2 subwoofers (with 2 x 10″ subs each!). The speakers sit in an alcove created in a stud wall which allows the projector screen to sit flush on the wall. Rear channels consist of four Artcoustic on-wall SL8-4 speakers which are aligned with each row of seating to ensure the same user experience, regardless of their chosen seat. Powering the speaker package is a high end Anthem MRX-720 integrated amplifier with ARC room correction built in, allowing high levels of acoustic calibration to ensure the home cinema room performs at its best. A Sony VW-1100ES 4K HDR projector, mounted just behind the last row of seats, provides a super sharp and bright picture, especially in low levels of natural light. We propose that the AVR and source equipment are installed in a rack positioned behind the stairs and kitchen units.

In this design we have swapped out the existing kitchen/bar units for dark wood units with shelving above to add height and storage space to the room – any books housed on these shelves will also enhance acoustics. Dark side walls and a lighter roof make the most of the room height whilst ensuring a low amount of light reflection. We would recommend a Matt finish to all paints.

Loft Home Cinema Installation Surrey

Loft Home Cinema Installation Surrey