Case Study: World Class Trinnov Home Cinema Installation Africa


  • 4.5m Acoustically Transparent Projector Screen
  • Sony VPL-VW5000 4K Laser Projector
  • Huge 34.7.15 Artcoustic Sound System
  • Trinnov Audio Processing & Amplification
  • Acoustically Treated Fabric Walls
  • Bespoke Home Cinema Seating

One of the Best Private Home Cinema Rooms in the World:

This stunning Trinnov Home Cinema Installation Africa is one of our best ever designs. The 5.5m x 12m cinema room, once built, will be one of a handful in the world at its level. A full Trinnov audio system – featuring an Amplitude32 pre-amplifier, Magnitude32 room equaliser and active crossover work in harmony to distribute audio to eight Amplitude8 channel amplifiers. The result is a 34 channel surround home cinema system with a further 15 height channels and 7 subwoofers. The entire cinema room has been designed from the ground up with acoustics in mind – ensuring the Artcoustic array speaker/subwoofer combination perform at their absolute best.

4.5m Screen with Sony 4k HDR Projector delivering outstanding visuals

The 4.5m acoustically transparent projector hides a multitude of speakers – Wide Left, Left, Centre, Right and Wide Right speakers are split into two arrays with gue Artcoustic P6 subwoofers providing bass. This approach is much more than a simple speaker/subwoofer arrangement; each of the front channels is truly full range, ensuring bass is more naturally presented. The huge 4.5m screen delivers the full home cinema experience with a super bright 4K and HDR projector delivering world class visuals. The room has access to a multitude of audio video sources, from the dedicated Kaleidescape Stratos movie player (local DVD/BluRay content and downloaded 4K HDR Films) through to Apple TVs and satellite TV feeds. This cinema has it all.

Stunning, Bespoke Home Cinema Seating

This room boasts seating for 12 – in comfort and in style. The front row is made of Cineak Intimo day beds which create the perfect viewing environment for young families, whilst a further two rows of Cineak Vedette electronic reclining cinema seats make up the rear. The front row is finished in luxurious fabric whilst the Vedette chairs are finished in the finest Italian leather.

The Benefits of a Bespoke Home Cinema Room

Most Home Cinema Rooms look stylish and perform their cinematic duties excellently, but a room of this calibre needs a certain something. In this case, the shape of the room lent itself perfectly to a display area above the hidden equipment racks and below the projector shelf. We have proposed a platform to display a sculpture – a Ghanian Unity sculpture hand carved by a native tribe – providing a unique centre piece and tying the cinema room in to the aesthetic of the rest of the home.

Trinnov Home Cinema in Ghana, Africa
Trinnov Home Cinema in Ghana, Africa
Trinnov Home Cinema Rear View, Showing Seating
Trinnov Home Cinema Rear View, Showing Seating