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Custom Controls: Smart Home Consultants

High End Chalet Automation & Entertainment Systems

We now have a base in the Haute-Savoie region of the French Alps Рone hour by car from Geneva. Our Home Automation & Entertainment systems are ideally suited to Ski Chalets and holiday homes -please click to view our dedicated page for Chalet Domotique.

297 Route du Cret,
France, 74110


Controlling elements such as heating and hot water can save huge amounts of energy whilst ensuring complete comfort and convenience in the home. We can integrate with renewable energy systems to make the most of their potential. Hot tubs, spas and steam rooms can all be automated to ensure they are ready when required, not wasting energy when un-occupied. Home Entertainment systems allow full HD audio and video to be enjoyed anywhere in the home, including TV and radio from abroad.


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Custom Controls