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Home Automation & Home Cinema Showrooms in London

Visit one of our High End Showrooms today!

Our London offices are mainly used for client meetings and administration – we don’t have demonstration facilities ourselves due to the bespoke nature of each of our projects. We do, however, have access to lots of manufacturer facilities – from the likes of Crestron, Savant and Artcoustic – and, due to some amazing clients, access to past projects. Between these two approaches we can demonstrate everything from a home cinema room through to a full whole house automation system featuring multi-room audio video, lighting and heating controls. We usually have projects in the installation phase so we can even take clients to show them what to expect and how the schematics we produce translate in to physical installation details. Our case studies pages have lots of examples of previous installations – from small apartments through to huge homes, there is a project for everyone.

Below is a list of our current showroom availability. Please contact us to arrange a viewing or demonstration.

The Crestron Showroom, London

Chelsea Harbour, London

The Crestron showroom in Chelsea Harbour, London is a work of art. The showroom is split in to four key areas – a Cinema Room, Living Room, Kitchen and Boardoom. The cinema room is the room we like the best – a TV is hidden away until needed when a moving panel mechanism reveals the display. High end surround sound envelops the listener until at the press of a button a projector drops from the ceiling, the TV hides away and a drop down projector screen transforms the room in to a proper home cinema room! Racks of equipment allow us to quickly run through the equipment normally hidden from view and kit rooms allow clients to compare different sizes of touchpanels and styles of keypads. This hands on experience is invaluable to end clients and we often make an appointment after the quoting stage so they can see exactly what is specified.

The Savant Showroom London

Kensington, London

The Savant showroom in Kensington is a superb way to show clients the possibilities of a Savant Home Automation system. Featuring multi-room audio video in eight zones the apartment is a great way to demo a finished Savant system – the stylish interfaces allow easy control of all devices in individual rooms or the app can be zoomed out to show the full home automation system – providing an overview of the entire property. With a mix of wall mounted iPads, roaming versions and also Savant remote controls it is a great way to experience how a Savant system works and clients find the visit invaluable when we are designing their installation.

Artcoustic Loudspeakers

Chelmsford, Essex

The Artcoustic showroom has a jewel in it’s crown – an all singing all dancing Dolby Atmos Home Cinema! The room is a truly special place to experience home cinema as it should be done – comfortable cinema seating, a projector based system and of course multi, multi channel audio. Artcoustic where one of the earliest adopters of Dolby Atmos in the UK and have a wealth of experience with it – the cinema shows this skill off perfectly. In addition to the dedicated cinema room we are also able to show, and demonstrate, the Artcoustic multi-room audio speakers – on-wall speakers which we often install as part of our multi-room av systems. Comparing different models, in different environments, can really help clients to work out the right level of kit for their home.

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