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Multi-Room Video Systems

Multi-Room High Definition Video Installers

Our Multi-Room Video systems are the best available – they allow centralised sources to be distributed at full 4k HD – with no loss of quality – to any number of rooms. Centralising equipment removes ugly boxes from the living spaces and allows us complete control, for example a locked up satellite receiver can be rebooted automatically before a client is aware. Any source can be enjoyed on any TV so recorded TV can be enjoyed in the kitchen diner as easily as the main living room and a film started in one room can be completed in another. Sources are generally assigned on a first come first basis with individual selection only presented to advanced users. Should more people try to view than physical devices then we generally allow them to watch but not control an already in use source.

Distribution of HD video is achieved over inexpensive Cat5e cabling – our standard wiring designs include cabling to most rooms as the cable is cheap to install and allows us to cater for future requirements. Surround sound zones can either have local amplifiers or rack mounted, depending on the size and layout of the property.

Custom Controls