Custom Controls
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High End Audio Video Installation in london

Bespoke, Powerful & Flexible AV Installation

We install high end Audio Video systems in to people’s homes – any AV source can be enjoyed anywhere in the home. Centralised audio sources provide access to a client’s music collection, Spotify and internet radio via an easy to use interface with sound produced by high quality ceiling speakers, on-wall speakers or even plastered in models! Mobile devices such as tablets and phones can all stream audio in to the system allowing guests to quickly share their music, allowing superb impromptu parties with rooms ganged together for a fully immersive audio experience. Our designs take in to account your current and future needs and provide a straightforward upgrade path to allow the system to adapt as new streaming services or technologies become available. These powerful and flexible Audio Video systems are as good as it is possible to get! We strongly recommend clients visit our case study pages for inspiration before contacting us to discuss their project.

High End Home Video Systems- Distribute 4K HD Video

Our video distribution systems allow clients to centralise sources such as Sky HD or Apple TV and enjoy them anywhere in the home – with no loss of quality. The numbers of video streams reflects the home owners requirements – you can have any number of video sources feeding in to the system – with control of any receiver easily navigated via an on-wall touchscreen or an Apple iPad. Feeds from security systems, CCTV and Intercoms can allow you to easily view events as they happen with the option of picture in picture available. As our systems dont compromise the video image we can share the same sources with a high end cinema projector as a 22″ mirror tv in the bathroom, allowing clients to catch up on recorded TV wherever they are in the property.

Fully Integrated Home Audio Systems

An integrated audio system allows your whole house to come alive with the sound of music without the need for ugly boxes in rooms or being tied to a particular manufacturer. Our systems allow any source to be integrated in to a centralised location and then distributed around the home – all rooms can listen to the same or independent sources. In-ceiling and on-wall speakers provide a clean aesthetic whilst providing outstanding audio – rooms can even have a discreet subwoofer installed! Control via in-wall or iPad touch panels allows the sources to be easily controlled – our interfaces are easier to use than most manufacturers. Systems typically include a wireless streaming option so laptops, tablets and mobile phones can all feed audio in to the system – providing a massively flexible solution.

New technologies can easily be added in to the central hub to be enjoyed throughout the home – without the need to re-cable the home. We carefully manage the environment in the hub area to ensure complete reliability.

Custom Controls