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High End Audio Video – Audioquest Cables & Interconnects

Audioquest cables and interconnects make a huge difference to audio quality in a high end audio video installation. Our larger multi-room systems can have a huge number of zones, sometimes up to 100 discrete audio zones with around half having TVs or projectors. In these systems certain zones may be particularly high end – stereo only listening rooms or dedicated home cinema rooms. In these high end areas clients expect the best, they may listen to uncompressed audio recordings or watch Dolby Atmos films. In these areas detail is crucial and a poor quality cable in the signal path can be the difference between breath taking and mediocre.

A great example is our Dubai Headphone System – the price of the individual cables used is eye watering but taken as part of the overall price for the project the costs becomes reasonable. There would be no point installing arguably the worlds best headphones and then sourcing uncompressed straight from the studio audio only to have the experience let down by cheap cables.
Audioquest Cable build quality is a huge factor in our installations – we need a cable which we can install and forget – a failing cable results in an unhappy client and a service call.
For the above reasons we are proud to be Audioquest dealers – they dont make it in to every install we do but they are certainly our goto cable manufacturer when we need a super high end result.