Case Study:- High End Headphone System Install in Dubai

Light Harmonic Davinci and Stax SR-009 = Perfection

Headphones First….
When an existing client in Dubai came to us to design a high end headphone system we were initially a little lacking in inspiration. However, a little research soon had us looking at the Stax SR-009’s – widely credited with being the best headphones available in the world. Reviewers rave about their balance and the fact they are extremely open sounding and therefore easy to listen to. After consulting the UK importer we decided to partner this with a Stax headphone amplifier – the valve driven SRM007TII – described by the importer as ‘as good as it gets’.
Then the Source and DAC.
We still needed to get music in to the amplifier at the highest quality available, after all a poor source would be very obvious with headphones at this level. The recommendation was for an Apple Mac to serve up HD Music or Lossless recordings. This required a digital to analogue converter (or DAC) to take the signal from the Mac and present it to the Stax headphone amplifier. Keeping with the no compromise approach we soon realised that the best option would be a Light Harmonic Davinci DAC. The Davinci is the culmination of one gentleman’s desire to build the best possible DAC, Larry Ho is a self described lover of tube based systems and vinyl. It was this love which drove him to create the Davinci – getting the best possible sound from digital sources. Since the companies inception in 2010 the Davinci DAC has a worldwide presence and a cult like following in high end audio circles.
How does it Sound?
The commissioning and installation of this project was a pleasure. Having spent a lot of time around high end stereo systems we were intrigued to experience a system of this quality (it retails for upwards of £50,000!). The results are amazing with a neutral sound which lets the music tell the story as the artist intended, the detail delivered is simply stunning with tried and tested tracks revealing new details.
We wish our client many an enjoyable hour sat re-listening to his extensive music collection like never before.

STAX Headphone system in Dubai
STAX Headphone system in Dubai