Nest Integration with Crestron Home Automation

We Love Nest!

This article has been replaced by an article on integrating Crestron thermostats which is now our preferred solution.

The Nest Thermostat and Nest protect (of which we are certified installers!) are bringing home automation within easy reach of most home owners. We have been offering advanced scheduling and control of Heating & Cooling for years – the savings can be immense and it is hugely convenient too! Nest does this too in an easy to use package, providing great interaction with Apple and Android smart phones. So why perform Nest integration with Crestron Home Automation?

Integration between Nest and Crestron allows us to take the Nest Thermostat to another level – imagine the Nest reports the room is too warm. Traditionally this would mean bringing on the air conditioning (if you are lucky enough to have it!). With our system we can detect that light levels are also high – sunlight is streaming through the windows and heating the room – so we can lower the blinds (or close venetian blinds) in incremental stages until the temperature starts to drop to optimum. Lighting the wood burning stove will have no effect as our logic knows light isn’t the cause of the heat. In homes with heat recovery systems we can take the heat in a room which is too hot and transfer it to rooms which are cooler – for instance taking heat from a living room with south facing windows and transferring the heat to an ensuite bathroom. Open plan spaces and buildings with large vaulted areas can be a nightmare to heat efficiently, our systems act intelligently to make your space as comfortable as possible. Clients can change settings as they see fit to have complete control or leave the system to work in automatic mode.

Crestron Heating Controls
Nest Integration with Crestron Home Automation

Nest Protect integration can be a life saver. Lighting can automatically be brought on in the event of a fire to light the exit route and key electrical devices can be switched off. In the event of a fire the entire home entertainment system can be powered down – ensuring clients can hear fire alarms. Heat recovery systems and fans can all be disabled ensuring they dont fan any flames and containing smoke. If required we can even perform functions like flashing certain outside lights, ensuring help can easily locate your home.