Choosing Home Security Systems

Follow our Guide to Choosing Home Security Systems

Unfortunately a good home security is a necessity in the modern world but there are so many options! Follow our guide to choosing home security systems. Most people look around at their neighbours homes to get the contact of a local alarm company. The problem with this is you will generally receive a standard system which is their usual offering. Read this guide so you know your options and research the best solution for you and your family before even talking to an alarm company.

Intruder Alarms

IP CCTV and WiFi

IP CCTV and WiFi

The standard intruder alarm with bell box on the outside is the usual approach for 99% of homes. When an intruder enters the home the alarm senses them and the box on the outside of the home alarms, causing neighbours and the police to arrive and apprehend them. There are a couple of issues with this approach though – neighbours don’t typically investigate until the noise annoys them and the police will only come if called. These two events could take some time to happen! There are ways to increase the security of this solution:

  • Link the alarm to a central monitoring station so when the alarm sounds a call is automatically made to you as the home owner and also the police = Faster response time!
  • Install vibration sensors on windows and doors – Sound the alarm when they are trying to get in. Even the most brazen thief won’t hang around trying to break in to a home with the alarm sounding = less chance of something being stolen.

CCTV Systems

CCTV in it’s standard guise has limited success in detering criminals – a hood pulled up masks their identity and they know the quality of most systems isn’t enough to identify them. Standard CCTV systems do have the benefit of providing the home owner with peace of mind, if you hear a noise in the night or are called by the alarm monitoring company you can quickly and easily check the property out – using your smart phone wherever you are in the world.

There are ways to enhance the CCTV offering too:

  • Connect the CCTV feed to the monitoring station so if the intruder alarm goes off they can monitor the home too = Faster Response!
  • Install high end IP CCTV – the newer CCTV cameras have resolutions to rival 4K TV making identifying intruders (and their vehicles) possible = Better Evidence!

Perimeter Protection

Intercom and Door Access

Intercom and Door Access

The best way to protect your property is to stop people getting to it – this is why we install perimeter protection systems. As soon as someone enters your property the monitoring station is alerted and views the CCTV cameras to see if the alert is the clients returning home or an intruder. This approach to being guided home is especially important for high networth clients as the vast majority of car jackings, kidnappings etc occur between the vehicle and the home. Our service acts as a virtual body guard to ensure you get home safely – every time.

Door Access and Intercom Systems

Physical keys are outdated and insecure – a key given to staff as a one time requirement can easily be copied or cloned meaning the home owner has no real idea of the number of keys in circulation. With our systems regular staff can be given access to a schedule and one time tradesmen can be given a one time pass code – whilst being fully monitored over the CCTV by the monitoring station. Visitors to the property can be dealt with by the intercom system which allows two way communication to any room of the home and diverts to your (or staff) mobiles when you aren’t home.

Combining all the above, and choosing which elements apply to you, ensures you receive a security system which is perfect to safeguard you and your families needs. You can read more about our Security Systems here.

Safe and Secure - High End Security Systems Safe and Secure – High End Security Systems

Crestron Home Automation Integration

With the release of Crestron Pyng and Crestron Home OS3 there is a clear choice in home security systems – both systems fully integrate with Texecom Security Systems. Texacom have long been our preferred supplier of high end home security and we have lots of experience integrating – with Crestron Home OS3 this integration is now available to all Crestron dealers.

The benefits of integration can be huge – setting the alarm can switch off all audio video zones (maybe leaving the radio on in the utility for the dog!) and revert the lighting system to play back mode – mimicking the last two weeks activity. Heating and cooling can revert to lower set points and curtains and blinds can automatically close when darkness falls.

Alarm status and CCTV cameras are easily checked via a clients smart phone.