Kensington Mews Basement Home Cinema Installation

Dolby Atmos Home Cinema Upgrades

Dolby Atmos is the latest and greatest sound format for cinemas – it totally opens up the home cinema sound stage. By following the Dolby guidelines we normally fit more speakers in an Atmos cinema than a traditional 5.1 system (although 5.1 can still benefit from the upgrade due to the better sound formats) which allows sound to be more precisely placed. Dolby Atmos also utilises in-ceiling and overhead speakers which adds a whole new dimension to home cinema audio reproduction. In a Dolby Atmos cinema the audio is assigned to an object (as opposed to a traditional cinema where it would be assigned to a speaker(s)) this means that the original sound mixer is not constrained by physical speakers, they can mix the audio as they see fit and it is up to us to install a system suitable of playback. A Dolby Atmos cinema therefore brings alive 3D sound – audio can be heard above and on different planes than you would experience in a 5.1 system.

Many Atmos compatible solutions are coming to market from the range topping Trinnov 32 channel pre amp through to all in one av receivers from the likes of Denon.  We are performing many upgrades to existing cinemas to unlock the potential of Atmos. Please get in touch to see how we can perform Dolby Atmos Home Cinema Upgrades to yours.

Dolby Atmos Home Cinema