Home Automation For Large Homes

Why Home Automation Systems Excel in Large Homes

A well designed, installed and programmed home automation system is a convenient way to control electrical devices in the home. Touchpanels and iPads allow simplified control of different subsystems and whole house pages allow clients to easily see which devices are in use and where. In a house with many bedrooms, more than are in use the majority of the time, home owners can save huge amounts of energy by lowering the heating set point until the room is needed. Whole home lighting control systems allow clients to easily see where lights are on and switch every light in the home off when leaving via one button press on a lighting keypad.

We have isolated the major elements of our projects below:

Audio Video Distribution:
In a house with multiple TVs you either accept that satellite TV recordings are only available in certain rooms or you spend a fortune cluttering up your rooms with expensive satellite receivers. We centralise our sources so your favourite recordings are available anywhere in the home. By activating your profile on a touchpanel (including iPads) your recordings are available in the room you are in – in addition to your favourite radio and playlist presets. Standardising the control of AV and offering it through the house ensures you have the same experience no matter which room you are in.

Crestron Touchpanel Interface
Audio Video Controls

Lighting Control:
This is the easiest way to save energy in a large home, whilst also making sure it looks its best. Mood lighting controls allow each room of the home to have independent lighting scenes and because they are part of a fuller system you can see at a glance where lights are on and switch them off. A dimmed lamp also uses a fraction of the energy of a standard switched light – the savings are considerable when a house has hundreds of lamps!

Lighting Control
Mood Lighting Controls

Heating & Cooling:
Setting temperatures on a per room basis allows unused or infrequently used rooms to be cooler than the rest . Air conditioning can be switched off when a room is vacated or cycled once a set point is reached. As both heating and cooling are under one control system they dont compete so underfloor heating can never try to warm a room which is being cooled by air conditioning and vica versa. Integrating both systems with lighting and blind controls allows us to manage sunlight levels in rooms – reducing the heat without the use of AC, we can even open motorised roof lights to cool areas naturally. Our systems are as unique as the houses we install them in to but each project has an energy efficient theme. As clients log in to access individual audio video profiles different heating profiles can be applied at the same time – a clients setpoint and air conditioning preferences follow them around the home.

Crestron Heating Controls
Simple to use Heating & Cooling Controls

Renewable Energy Integration:
Integrating renewal energies makes huge amounts of sense with a home automation system – it enables devices to be used when energy production is highest. Our systems can ensure that devices such as tumble driers operate when solar panels or bathroom towel rails are producing enough energy to run them or divert hot water to the swimming pool heaters when the underfloor heating is satisfied. Advanced reporting allows clients to see where energy is being used around the home with both live statistics and historical data.

Energy Monitoring & Control Solutions
Advanced Energy Controls & Monitoring

Intercoms and Gate Access:
Fully integrated gate access control systems allow clients to easily open gates via a mobile phone with easy management for staff and regular visitors – all that is needed is their phone number, our system recognises them and automatically allows access if they are pre-approved including restricting access to certain days if required. Visitors at the gate ring touchpanels around the home (the same touchpanels which control AV, lighting and heating) which allow two way communication before either opening the gate or hanging up. The same touchpanels allow intercom around the home to individual rooms or to every room – a great way to announce a car has arrived or dinner is served. As the AV system is profile driven you can even page a specific user and only the panel in the room they are in will call.Remote Control:
No one likes to arrive home to a dark and cold home after a period away. Our systems allow control via clients smart phones and tablets and alerts can notify you off issues before they become a larger problem.

We typically install Crestron Home Automation systems which allow us complete flexibility and the ability to install systems with all the above components.