Lutron LED Lamps

Lutron Homeworks QS, Quantum and Grafik Eye Compatible LEDs

Lutron lighting control systems excel at energy efficient mood lighting and automated lighting controls – however specifying compatible Lutron LED lamps has always been far from straightforward. Cheaper LED lamps can change colour through the dimming cycle – transforming from stark white to a deep orange, depending on the amount the lamp is dimmed. Some fittings even flicker when at the lower end of the dimming range. For this reason Creston lighting controls have been our preferred solution – sourcing the lighting dimmers and LED fittings from the same manufacturer ensures no issues and a happy customer. We are therefore very pleased that Lutron have announced the release of their own LED fittings, we get the same benefits of a single supplier including outstanding levels of support as every product in the lighting system is supplied by Lutron.

The main benefits of the new LED fixtures are:

  • A single company supplying all elements of the lighting system – fantastic support and full compatibility.
  • Brilliant quality of lighting – fittings are matched so all fittings in a ceiling look identical, more natural lighting than cheaper LEDs.
  • Perfect dimming – step free and flicker free dimming – allows precise control of lighting levels.
  • 10 Year Warranty! Break free of the constant replacing cycle imposed by cheap lamps failing.

The range of lights currently includes LED downlights in addition to LED linear lighting. Get in touch to see how they can benefit your project.

Lutron LED Lamps