Introducing the Autonomic MMS Music Server

A Hugely Flexible Digital Music Solution from Autonomic.

The Autonomic MMS Music Server frequently serves as the cornerstone to our whole house audio systems. The MMS is a hugely flexible digital music server – allowing a world of music to be enjoyed anywhere in the home when partnered with our Crestron or Savant Home Entertainment solutions. Easy access to high quality music is essential to delivering a successful system with the following services being supported (services available may depend on geographical location):

For our international clients the MMS allows us to easily access “home” radio stations – for instance one recent Australian client who is living in Primrose Hill has access to Sydney radio stations, in addition to his Spotify playlists and iTunes collection. iTunes music collections are sync’ed from client computers direct to the storage on the MMS allowing access for anyone in the home and removing the need for a client device to be on at the time. For larger music collections the storage of the MMS can be upgraded by adding in USB hard drives or streaming from network attached storage – allowing a limitless music collection.

Easy streaming of the above services is further enhanced by allowing multiple streams of music – so different family members can enjoy different music around the home. With our Crestron installations we tend to use user profiles so individual radio stations and playlists follow clients around the home, making the system quick and efficient to use. The MMS comes in a variety of sizes from a one output MMS-1e to a five output MMS-5A which allows five streams. For larger properties we can install multiple units – five MMS1e units can allow five individuals to listen independently to different music in the home – it’s like having your own music server in every room of the home.

With all our whole house audio systems a client can easily join rooms together for impromptu parties with rooms being added to existing music streams easily and efficiently. This is a hugely flexible solution which is only available via a professionally installed system.