Lighting Controls

Upgrade to a Lutron or Crestron Lighting System

We specialise in upgrading Mode, iLight, Vantage & Rako Lighting.

Due to the huge flexibility of Lutron and Crestron lighting control systems we can guarantee to upgrade old, obsolete lighting control systems to modern, efficient and reliable versions. We have a number of case studies where we have taken out an unreliable lighting system and upgraded it to a flexible, modern equivalent. Our Wimbledon case study is a great example – the clients had lived with an old unreliable system for the last 10 years (!), growing accustomed to using table lamps and side lamps rather than the lighting control system. When we first visited the clients home pressing a light switch would have very unpredictable results – it may switch some lights on, it may switch all lights off, it would even switch lights off in other rooms! This is an extreme example but lots of people are running 10 year old lighting control systems which dont have the efficiency or flexibility of a modern system.

Squirrel Cage 150x150 - Upgrade to a Lutron or Crestron Lighting System

Lighting Controls

Our systems use the traditional lighting keypad to allow clients to easily select lighting scenes in the rooms but they also have full tablet integration allowing clients to stand in the room and configure their own lighting scenes – which are easily saved on to any of the keypad buttons for later recall. Away modes allow clients to replay the last two weeks activity making the home look lived in and schedulers allow clients to switch on external lights at preset times (or astronomical events) and turn them off at a time of their choosing.Our digital dimmers are also much more efficient than older lighting systems – dimming lamps saves huge amounts of energy in addition to making the home look its best!

We can retrofit a Lutron or Crestron lighting control system in to any type of property so please do get in touch for a free survey and to discuss the options.

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