Case Study: Outdoor Home Cinema Cotswolds


  • C Seed 201″ Unfolding TV
  • Trinnov Altitude 16 Channel Audio
  • 5 x Origin Cabinet Speakers for TV mode
  • 4 x Origin Spike Speakers as surround channels
  • 3 x Origin Cabinet speakers provide music to rest of garden
  • 4 x Origin Acoustics 12″ Buried Subwoofers
  • Kaleidescape Movie Server
  • Crestron control via iPad app

A Very High End Design for an Outdoor Home Cinema in the Cotswolds

This hugely extended and renovated property in the Cotswolds AONB is truly special from the buildings themselves to the extensive walled gardens – this is a stunning property. Our clients approached us initially to install a high end audio system throughout the grounds and during client meetings this evolved in to creating a stunning outdoor home cinema. Our initial design was for a projector based system with the actual projector housed inside and shining through the floor to ceiling windows on to a specially rendered area of wall however the client soon decided more wow factor was required. The final design is for a stunning C Seed 201″ (5.11m!) TV which rises out of the ground in a column before unfolding to reveal the screen. This is a technological marvel and also opens up the cinema design as it has zero footprint when not in use. By changing the orientation of the cinema we were able to provide a more natural seating arrangement whilst maximising viewing from all the required viewing spaces.

Stunning Outdoor Audio System

Home Cinema Cotswolds

Origin Outdoor Cabinet speakers on the TV wall provide five audio front channels with Origin spike speakers to the side and behind the main seating area provide surround and back channels. Strategically placed buried subwoofers ensure deep bass and the whole audio system is powered by a stunning Trinnov 16 channel cinema processor and associated Trinnov amplifiers. Further Origin cabinet speakers provide audio around the garden when a music source is selected and whether in TV mode or music mode the whole system benefits from four 12″ buried subwoofers! The Trinnov system allows us to perfectly calibrate the audio to the garden environment ensuring audio perfection at all times. In music mode – without the TV – the audio system reverts to mono audio, enhanced by the subwoofers, ensuring the perfect audio experience no matter where in the garden the clients are sat or stood. The clients plan to use this space extensively in the summer months for garden parties and events in addition to outdoor film nights and TV watching whilst enjoying the outdoor swimming pool and Jacuzzi.

Complete Control of Cinema Sources

The whole system is incredibly easy to use – whether streaming films in full 4K HDR from the Kaleidescape Movie Server or watching Sports from Sky. A simple button press on the Crestron connected iPad causes the TV to rise up, audio to be switched on and to the correct decoder format and the correct source displayed. Access to the house wide services are all available in the garden – from internet radio, Spotify and Soundcloud through to live TV – this is a hugely flexible system!

High End Outdoor Cinema
High End Outdoor Cinema
Seating Area with Immersive Audio
Seating Area with Immersive Audio
Trinnov Audio for Outdoor Home Cinema
Trinnov Audio for Outdoor Home Cinema