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High End Ski Chalet Audio Video Systems & Domotique / Automation

Amazing Domotique Systems for High End Ski Chalets

We have worked closely with a number of French and Swiss architects to design the perfect domotique (home automation) solution for ski chalets and holiday homes. The heart of the system revolves around entertainment (music and HD TV throughout) but also includes Mood Lighting and Heating & Cooling Controls. The solution is designed to minimise running costs whilst enhancing convenience. All systems can be accessed whilst away from the home allowing the home to be setup for your arrival, whether from the airport or from a busy day on the slopes. This remote control functionality can extend to any electrical device in the home so saunas and steam rooms can be ready when you arrive!

Whole Chalet Audio Video Systems

Our Ski Chalet AV systems are incredibly flexible – satellite receivers from around the world can be housed in a central location and accessed from any TV, in addition to movie servers showing the latest films and TV shows. Ceiling speakers in rooms allow clients to listen to internet radio, Spotify or their own music via Airplay – all accessed via the push of a button. User interfaces can easily change language to accommodate different guest requirements with radio presets and satellite receivers changing for different nationalities and languages – press one button and the radio presets focus on Russian radio and the Russian satellite receivers are selected – press English and radio presets change to the BBC and Sky satellite! A huge amount of kit can be centralised but can be invisible to the user, sources are pooled so clients see one button but actually get the next unused source. Rooms can easily and dynamically ganged together in to parties so the music from the dining area can be linked to the living room as clients move from one space to another. For larger properties in-wall touch panels can be used to intercom between rooms – for example the chef can broadcast a message that dinner is served or parents can use the system as a baby monitor.

Chalet Cinema Installations

A great way to unwind after a day on the slopes is to enjoy a film in your own dedicated home cinema room. Our home cinema installations easily perform better than commercial cinemas – the picture and sound is better and they are more comfortable. We have a huge range of options available but our systems typically include a projector based home cinema with large screen (over 3.5m for a ture cinema experience!) and extremely comfortable cinema seating. We tend to design our cinema seats with a low day bed style on the front row to allow families with small children to spread out with more traditional cinema seating for the rear rows. The cinema has access to the entire range of chalet sources so in addition to films clients can enjoy sports events via satellite TV or play games via games consoles – a gaming experience like no other!

Ski Chalet Heating & Cooling Controls

Our domotique / home automation installations create a perfect environment throughout the chalet whilst ensuring things are being run as efficiently as possible. The same touch panel on the wall which controls audio video allows easy control of temperature. A single setpoint on the panel can actually control a range of subsystems – too cold then bring on the underfloor heating, too hot then increase the speed of the Heat Recovery System to move warm air to an area which needs heating. This intelligence happens in the background but ensures the clients are comfortable. Areas with large south facing windows can heat up quickly, with our systems that warmth can be distributed to colder areas without the need to engage the underfloor heating – saving huge amounts of energy. Integration with your smart phone allows us to automatically select your preferred heating profile when you return or you can over ride as you require. We can even track users around the chalet to change heating to their preferred profile – a truly intelligent system!

Ski Chalet Mood Lighting Controls

A Mood Lighting systems allows one button press to control all the lighting in a room or chalet – recalling lighting levels to those set by the client. This can mean a living room can have activities pre-programmed (TV watching, Entertaining, Reading etc) and by tapping one button on a lighting keypad (or remote control) the lights can fade to the required level. These levels can be set to increase the warmth of the room whilst using lighting to highlight architectural features. Our systems use digital dimmers which save energy compared to a traditional switched system – the savings across a whole chalet can be huge – and we can control any type of light fitting. Lighting Controls can be used to enhance security and convenience around the home, outside lighting can automatically come on at dusk with pathways getting brighter as people approach. A ‘last man’ switch can enable all the lights in a property to be switched off at once or global scenes can bring on key areas when returning – no more running round individual rooms switching lights on!

Security Systems for Holiday Homes and Chalets

We have a huge range of security systems available – to protect homes when unoccupied or to provide security when the clients are home. Our higher end intruder alarms ensure a potential threat is monitored when approaching the property – a proactive approach. Typically threats picked up in this manner are observed by a remote monitoring station who can then broadcast a message if required or notify the authorities and the home owner. High End CCTV can be observed remotely or played back via smart phones, tablets or laptops and is available on any touch panel or TV in the property for complete peace of mind and also great for monitoring ski conditions before visiting! The monitoring station can also cover fire and flood detection – they even alert one client if swimming pool filters become blocked!

We have an office in the Haute-Savoie region of the northern French Alps but undertake projects across the Alps.

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