Custom Controls
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Whole House Mood Lighting Control Systems

Save Energy Whilst Making the Most of Your Home

Mood lighting control systems are the most popular service we offer. They show the home off at its best – highlighting architectural features and adding atmosphere – all whilst saving energy. Our systems are perfectly scalable so can control a single room through to entire homes and gardens, even including curtains and blinds. Automated functions such as bringing certain lights on at dusk or replaying activity to make your home look occupied when away are all easily achievable. Due to the way digital dimming systems work huge amounts of energy can be saved throughout the home and when coupled with our LED lamps the difference can be startling. This energy saving can feed in to the overall energy plan for the home helping planning permission be achieved.

Recalling a lighting scene is as easy as tapping one button on a labelled keypad – with each button labelled for an activity (for instance reading, entertaining or watching a film) and amending scenes (to account for the changing seasons etc) is as easy as changing the individual lights to your preferred level and then hitting save.

Custom Controls