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Architectural Lighting Design

Bespoke Lighting Design – High End Lighting Solutions

Lighting Design is crucial – well designed lighting transforms spaces in to warm inviting environments and highlights architectural and interior features. Of all the services we provide we feel lighting design and control is the most critical, lighting affects our perception and enjoyment of spaces – by involving us at an early stage in a new build or retrofit we can design a lighting scheme which adds warmth and character to a space. We see the effect of lighting everyday – our Crestron and Lutron lighting control systems are initially programmed as flat scenes, 100% brightness, 75%, 50% and 25% and we only change these settings once final decoration and furniture positioning is complete. Our fully configured lighting scenes transform spaces with a number of techniques and “tricks” to show spaces off at their best – these techniques vary from room to room but include using LED strip to illuminate book shelves, using picture lights to enhance artwork in the room and using directional spot lights to enhance architectural features. A huge advantage of a lighting control system is having the ability to illuminate a lamp even when it isn’t required as a light source – for instance dimming ceiling downlights to 10% brightness – light output is negligible but the glow from the fittings provides a warm feeling to the room. 

We specialise in whole house lighting designs and have partnerships with lighting manufacturers who provide the highest quality fittings – ensuring the same lighting colour from each lamp and 100% reliable dimming. Most of our lamps are LED which use minimal amounts of energy and have warrantied long life – circa 50,000 hours of use. The range of fittings is huge from downlights, uplights, LED strips and LED lamps which replace traditional classic light bulbs.

Custom Controls