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Giving Clients Access to Our Services at a Lower Cost

We often work on projects around the world but we are aware that the costs of shipping, flights and accommodation can put our services out of reach for most. However, we also offer our services on a consultancy basis – we do the design work to allow third party contractors the ability to deliver one of our systems. The design process is fundamental and absolutely critical to delivering a fantastic system and this is where we excel.
We offer the following services on a consultancy basis:

After clients select which elements of the above they would like in their project we design systems which are reliable, scalable, easy to use and future proofed. We also make our designs as simple as possible to install (and we produce documentation to aid this process).

Manufacturers Supported

Once we have worked with the client to develop a firm brief we start designing the systems. We have expert knowledge of a range of manufacturers and we utilise the range best suited to the project (including taking in to account which manufacturer has local support). Manufacturers are typically one of the following:

Custom Controls - Smart Home Schematic
Custom Controls – Smart Home Schematic

Consultancy Services on Offer

Once we have produced an initial design we will go through the system step by step with the client to explain the approach and the functionality on offer. Once this stage is signed off we will start producing information. A client can typically expect the following to be delivered:

  • Full System Schematics
  • Full Cable Schedules including cabling numbering
  • Full Equipment lists down to component level
  • Installation and cable termination instructions
  • Full Rack Build Schematics and Drawings. Including power requirements and heat calculations
  • Layout Drawings for in-room equipment
  • 3D designs & renders for Cinema Spaces
  • Equipment programming files and/or calibration settings

The above would allow a 3rd party installation company (perhaps with experience of smaller installations or lesser equipment) to deliver one of our systems. We can be as available as required to help the installation team deliver the system with a single point of call available at the end of the phone or Zoom to help. Where possible we use remote access to support the ongoing installation. We can help source equipment either in the country or region that the project is located or shipping from the UK, depending on availability, warranty and costs. We have a fantastic relationship with a tried and tested – reliable – international shipping firm who will guarantee a door to door delivery to most places in the world.
In addition to providing documentation to 3rd parties we can even undertake the more complex tasks such as rack building (all types from networking through to audio video racks and lighting control DIN rail panels) at our base and ship them to site installed, commissioned and programmed – cutting down on the effort and technical skill involved for local installers and guaranteeing that element of the project.
If you like what you see on our site and in our case studies then contact us to see how we can help deliver your project – no matter where you are in the world!

Smart Home System in Dubai
Smart Home System in Dubai
Home Cinema Room in Nigeria
Home Cinema Room in Nigeria