Smart Home Infographic

An Infographic to Explain What We Do

We have created the below Smart Home infographic to clearly show what we do. We hope you enjoy it – feel free to share it around social media etc! You can download as a pdf here.

smart home infographic -
smart home infographic –

What Can A Smart Home Do for You?

A Smart Home encompasses many things and may well have a different meaning for different clients; for some it is automating the home, for others it is multi-room audio video. Our common Smart Home requests are:

By bringing all the above subsystems together and under the control of one Smart Home system the whole house can work together to save energy and increase convenience. For example setting the security alarm when exiting the house can also:

  • Switch off internal lights
  • Switch off any AV which is active
  • Put Heating to a lower temperature
  • Switch off Air Conditioning
  • Enable the Garden Lights on auto
  • Enable the CCTV and Perimeter Protection

Opposite actions (or completely new ones) can occur when you arrive home. These systems really excel in larger homes where in-room elements (lights, AV, AC etc) can inadvertently be left on for long amounts of time without being noticed. Numerous clients tell us of the real savings to their energy bills and love the convenience of a Smart Home system.