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Dedicated Home Cinema Rooms Designed & installed

High End Dedicated Cinema Rooms

A private cinema can be a great addition to any home – a great place to relax as a family, providing an oasis in the home. We are experts at transforming a bare room in to a home cinema, we regularly install systems in to basements, attics and garages – in addition to living rooms. Involving us at an early stage allows you to factor acoustic elements in to the room design, ensuring an outstanding cinema from the very beginning. Our designs work to maximise your budget – delivering a great cinematic experience at home. In addition to audio visual elements we can design the lighting scheme, interior decor and supply bespoke home cinema seating. This turnkey approach ensures you get the very best cinema possible, fully managed by our highly experienced team – the room is literally designed from the ground up to perform acoustically as well as visually.

All our cinemas are professionally calibrated at installation time to ensure the best possible audio and video experience.

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