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Two Approaches working in Harmony

In order to properly acoustically treat a cinema we have two approaches. A full outer skin of Acoustiblok sound deadening can ensure sound does not leak in to adjoining rooms (4mm of Acoustiblok stops as much sound as a foot of concrete!) which has the advantage of ensuring sound levels are maintained in the room – really making the most of bass produced by our home cinema system. The acoustics in the room then need to be treated to minimise standing waves – essentially sound from the speakers should not reflect back on the same path but dissipate naturally – which can cause a muddled or bass heavy sound. A combination of Acoustic Panels and bass traps ensure peak performance from the sound system, all enhanced by the furnishings in the room. These two approaches – coupled with our knowledge of ideal  room dimensions – allows us to create a room which really excels, making the absolute most of the equipment specified. We regularly perform acoustic upgrade work to existing underperforming home cinema’s, correctly installing acoustic treatments can transform an existing home cinema room. 

Artoustic Acoustic Panels

Decorative Acoustic Panels

Artcoustic acoustic panels are our go-to solution for improving in-room acoustics for home cinema rooms. The on-wall panels come in a variety of sizes and can be covered in fabric to any RAL colour or even be printed with digital images. The ease with which these panels blend in to a cinema mean we can enhance the interior whilst dealing with unwanted audio reflections – a win-win! Imagine images from your favourite films decorating the walls whilst improving acoustics!

The panels are equally at home in other rooms too – minimising the impact of hard floors and walls by reducing background noise and allowing voices to be heard clearly. Our commercial clients love them too from conference and meeting rooms through to restaurants.

Acoustiblok Sound Deadening

Mass Loaded Vinyl Stops sound dead!

Home Cinema Rooms can be a great addition to any home but can also be awkward to enjoy properly if not isolated from the rest of the home. Luckily fitting Acoustiblok at the construction stage minimises the issue of sound leakage. A single layer of Acoustiblok fitted before the room is plaster boarded can provide the same sound deadening as a foot of concrete! Reducing sound (and therefore energy) leakage in to the rest of the home can also significantly increase bass response in the home cinema ensuring the maximum enjoyment from the audio system.

We also specify and supply Acoustiblok for other elements of our projects – for example isolating bedrooms from the rest of the home. 

Artnovion Acoustic Treatments

High End Acoustic Solutions

Artnovion manufacture high end acoustic solutions for home cinema’s and recording studios. The range includes beautiful on-wall diffusers, absorpers, bass traps and isolators – providing us with a one company solution for all elements of acoustic treatments. In addition to performing well the entire range is designed with high end aesthetics in mind – enhancing the look and feel of the cinema in addition to ensuring it performs at it’s absolute best acoustically.

The range of products from Artnovion even provides solutions to be built in the fabric of the room – ensuring minimal sound loss in to the rest of the home.

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