Custom Controls
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Suppliers & Installers of Beautiful Home Cinema Seating

We are a specialist installer of a number of makes of home cinema seating. We can design a seating plan to fit any space and can guide clients through the myriad of options to ensure a perfect solution for their particular requirements. Home cinema seating has a huge array of options available – from the traditional arm chair through to day beds and recliners. All share similar qualities, a huge array of fabrics and leathers and the option of motorisation. Foot rests and back rests can be motorised but modern seats have options for chilled beverage holders, massages and ventilation. We are experts in designing seating to maximise the use of a space and produce fully marked plans for all our customers.

Crowson Home Cinema Actuators in Home Cinema Seating

Seat mounted actuators take the cinema experience to the next level – in addition to sound we can feedback low frequencies through the cinema seating. The effect is startling and can vary in intensity depending on the action on the screen (tied to the volume of the bass). Multiple actuators fitted across rows of seats can follow the left to right effect of the audio on the screen – so you actually feel things move from side to side!

Custom Controls