Custom Controls
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Lutron Homeworks QS Installations & Grafik Eye Lighting Dimmers

Lutron Whole House Lighting Control:

The Homeworks QS interactive home lighting control system gives you the capability to interact with lighting, entertainment and security systems like never before. Full control of scenes throughout the home are at your fingertips. Centralised dimmers ensure an economical and efficient approach to whole house lighting control. In-room keypads can control any number of lighting channels, either a specific room or throughout the house. For instance a single button press can recall a scene which lights all communal areas (eg. hall, stairs and landing) – even outdoor lights. Any type of lamp can be included in lighting scenes from traditional incandescent lamps to exotic neons and LEDs. If you have an existing Grafik Eye installation then expanding to a Homeworks QS system is easy – the Homeworks processor can utilise the Grafik Eye as a remote dimmer whilst still allowing local scene selection and design.

Lutron Grafik Eye Lighting Dimmers – Interactive Lighting Control for Single Rooms & Smaller Projects:

The Lutron Grafik Eye replaces traditional light dimmers to become a great solution for single rooms or small lighting control systems. Each Grafik Eye can allow up to 6 lighting channels (for instance ceiling pendant, picture lights and a few table lamps) to be individually controlled to create a mood lighting scene with easy recall of saved scenes.

Custom Controls