Custom Controls
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Lutron Keypads and Sivoia Blinds

Lighting Keypads for Ultimate Control of a Homeworks QS System:

It is important to remember a Lutron lighting keypad performs no dimming locally, instead commands are sent back to a central Homeworks dimming system (either Homeworks 4 or Homeworks 8) where the button press is translated in to actions. This means a single press could bring on one lamp at up to 75% brightness, while pressing the same button again could make it dim back down to 0%. Simple. The Homeworks system could just as easily be programmed to bring on every light in the home to a preset level – this is more commonly used in communal areas and gardens. This scene setting provides huge amounts of convenience – you’d be able to bring on your home lights and close your Sivoia QED blinds at the same time.

Lutron Sivoia Blinds – Whisper Quiet Electronic Blinds:

Controlling lighting in the home or office involves more than dimming and switching lights. Managing natural light around the home increases privacy and security at night whilst protecting from harsh UV light during the day. Integrating electronic blinds with Homeworks QS makes perfect sense – programmable presets can be incorporated into lighting scenes or given their own button on conveniently located keypads. Various sizes ensure the most discreet installation possible, different sizes are designed to move different amounts of fabric – up to 225 square feet at once.

Custom Controls