Bespoke IMAX Home Cinema Room – Dubai

High End IMAX Home Cinema Installation in Dubai, UAE

This IMAX Home Cinema Room is one of the best in the world. Designed for a client with an uncompromising approach to home cinema who is lucky enough to have both the space and the budget to indulge in a room of this calibre. The room itself is over 11m long and 7m wide with a head height of 4m, enough space to comfortably seat 18 in absolute comfort. The room is packed with technology – all matched to the IMAX Enhanced specifications – and the room comes with a price tag of around £750,000! This is a room fit for Royalty.

IMAX Enhanced Cinema Room - Dubai
IMAX Home Cinema Room – Dubai

IMAX Enhanced – Room Design

IMAX enhanced encompasses more than just cinema audio. The certification covers video too to ensure the very best cinematic experience. In this room we have used a Sony VPL-VW5000, a range topping projector with huge amounts of brightness and contrast – perfect for filling the huge 6.4m wide projector screen!! The audio side of the experience revolves around 48 Artcoustic Performance A6 speakers and 5 Artcoustic Performance P6 subwoofers arranged in a 13.2.14 speaker pattern. Although we have five subwoofers installed three are configured to provide full range audio for the left, center and right front channels with the other two subwoofers providing the low bass channels. The height channels are split between front height channels, ceiling height effects and “voice of god speakers”. The array nature of the Artcoustic Performance A6 speakers ensures the same world class experience regardless of where in the cinema the client sits.

IMAX Enhanced Speaker View
IMAX Enhanced Speaker View

Trinnov Audio – IMAX Enhanced Compatible!

The above sound system needs some serious decoding and calibration to deliver sonic perfection. We therefore specified the top of the range Trinnov Altitude 32 processor with four Trinnov Amplitude amplifiers to form the backbone of the system. During the setup of the Trinnov system a highly intelligent microphone maps the location of each speaker in the room and then uses this knowledge to create a stunning immersive audio experience. The same flexibility allows us to utilise three of the subwoofers as low bass channels for the front channels whilst retaining two more as traditional subwoofer channels. This flexibility and power sets the Trinnov apart in the home cinema industry!

IMAX Enhanced Speaker View
IMAX Home Cinema Speaker View

Cinema Fabric Walls & Acoustic Treatments

A room of this level, with this equipment installed, absolutely must have stretched fabric walls. Not only does it allow us to hide all the speakers away but it also allows us to install acoustic treatments in exactly the right locations to ensure that the audio system performs at it’s absolute best. Another advantage, of course, is that the client has the pick of some of the world’s finest fabrics to ensure a rich and vibrant interior. Our rooms feature a minimum of interior features, and items which are there are chosen with precision. A cinema room should excel at immersing clients in the audio visual experience and we often visit other cinema rooms with shelves, bars and ornaments in them – all of these installations detract from the cinema experience either by causing visual reflections or unwanted noise. This room is so well insulated you could literally hear a pin drop during the quiet moments of a film.

Home Cinema Seating for 18 people
Home Cinema Seating for 18 people

Home Cinema Seating

A room such as this needs to hold viewers in absolute comfort for hours at a time – simply put clients should not notice seats during a film or event. Our go to seating for a room such as this are provided by Cineak. Fully motorized seats allow clients to adjust back rests, foot rests and head rests in to the optimal position before a film starts and then be comfortable for the duration. These seats feature presets so when the client shuts the room down all the seats revert to their resting position – ensuring a tidy room. The client can then select their own profile depending on where they chose to sit next time. For this room we chose a lush velvet for the seats with leather arm rests and a dark wood mahogany bases. Each seat has their own cup holder to ensure no arguments!

Huge 6.4m Projector Screen
Huge 6.4m Projector Screen

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Delivering this Cinema Room

Delivering a successful room like this is 90% planning and design. We design every element of the system before we even set foot on site and this ensures complete client satisfaction. We produce 3D renders of the finished space so clients can visualise the room before we start work, even then clients are blown away by the end result! We have teams of carpenters, electricians and interior designers ready to go and we work worldwide. There are very few home cinema companies capable of delivering a room such as this. Contact Us if you are one of the lucky few who can accommodate one of these in your home!