Double Garage Home Cinema

Double Garage Home Cinema Conversion

Converting an Used Double Garage in to a Bespoke Home Cinema Room

Double Garages can be the perfect space to transform in to a stunning, bespoke home cinema room. Very few people actually park cars in their garages nowadays as cars get bigger and the amount of stuff we all hold keeps growing. Garages of all sizes tend to be dumping grounds for unused sports equipment and gardening equipment – all these things can be moved to a shed – freeing up the room for another use. What better use than a home cinema room? 

Double Garage Home Cinema
Double Garage Home Cinema

The Perfect Cinema Space of a Family

At approximately 6m x 6m the standard UK sized double garage is a perfect size for a home cinema room. In this example we have a huge 4m wide projector screen (which is also 1.7m high) and a stunning Artcoustic 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos equipped Surround Sound Package. All speakers are hidden from view either behind the accoustically transparent projector screen or behind the acoustically lined fabric walls. This is a no compromise home cinema room. The front left, center and right speakers sit in a bespoke alcove behind the screen, tying the audio and video perfectly. The huge Control 3 subwoofers have 3 x 10″ long throw subwoofers per unit and we have two! This ensures enough bass for the most demanding action films yet with a full calibration the bass is never over the top or dominant.

Double Garage Home Cinema
Double Garage Home Cinema

Beautiful Home Cinema Pictures

A stunning Sony laser powered projector ensures a great picture with a very bright image and a great 4k resolution – the picture quality is outstanding and displays a huge array of sources from Kalediescape Movie Servers through to Apple TVs and Sky Q TV players. This is a seriously connected room which is as happy playing Sporting events as it is playing the latest family blockbuster. Clients love rooms like this as the whole family look forward to spending time together.

Double Garage Home Cinema
Double Garage Home Cinema

High End Double Garage Home Cinema Design

This stunning room benefits from a full lighting design complete with a Crestron lighting control system which allows us to set scenes and dim lights to precise levels for film watching. Each of the alcove LED strip lights can be dimmed independently in addition to the star effect ceiling. The result is the perfect viewing environment – every time!

Bespoke Home Cinema Seating

The custom designed and built home cinema seating was manufactured by Cineak and provides seating for 6 people with a chaise longue / day bed on each end of the row. Floating foot stools can be moved to allow a huge day bed to be formed or the individual chairs can share the foot stool between them. The emphasis on this seating design is comfort and this design is particularly suited to families with smaller children who appreciate the less formal seating arrangement.

If you would like to discuss how our team can transform your unloved garage space please do contact us. If you are in the London and Home Counties areas or Manchester / Cheshire areas we even have builders, architects and planning consultants that we have worked with previously to smooth the entire process.

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