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Artcoustic On-Wall Subwoofers

Beautiful On-Wall Subwoofers

The problem with many in-ceiling and on-wall speakers systems is the difficulty of getting good bass – after all who wants to invest time and money on hiding speakers away and then having to accommodate a large, ugly box in one corner. Artcoustic have the answer: they have a multitude of options available all of which can tastefully blend in with or enhance your interior. The Diablo subwoofer is small and discreet yet packs a hefty punch. It’s designed to become part of the DF Multi range and complements the Diablo Targets and Monitors perfectly. Covered in the designer fabric of your choice the Diablo Sub will blend in with any interior while still lending the sound impact and depth. Slightly larger than the Diablo sub panel, the DFS75-55 features 2 x 10″ drive units and is designed to be used in conjunction with the DF75-55 full range loudspeakers. There is also a DFS100-75 which is constructed to match the appearance of the DF100-75 full range speaker.

Artcoustic DFS180-43 Subwoofer

This panel is not for the faint hearted – no fewer than 6 x 10″ bass drivers add serious weight to any performance. The 10″ drivers react swiftly and smoothly to any requirement, whether music or film. When veiled in designer fabric, the 1.8m high speakers accommodate with any interior without looking like a huge speaker – most people don’t even realise it is anything other than a piece of artwork.

Artcoustic Spitfire Subwoofer

The Spitfire range is the jewel in Artcoustic’s crown. They are as good as on-wall speakers get and have been used by Liam Howlett of the Prodigy when recording the powerful ‘Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned’ album.The Spitfire subwoofer is used in conjunction with the Spitfire monitors and features 4 x 10″ drive units. We normally use one of these per Spitfire monitor in a home cinema. Three across the front allow us to steer bass around the room, providing extraordinary sound reproduction.

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