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Home Cinema Installations & Media Room Case Studies

A Selection of our Finest Home Cinema Room Installs from around the World

We install home cinema room’s and home theater’s in to a wide variety of spaces from small intimate rooms for families through to huge cinema’s in apartment buildings. Our design ethos shines through on every cinema we do – we design from the ground up to ensure the best possible experience for a given budget. Acoustic design ensures the best possible experience, audio visual installation ensures a huge wow factor and mood lighting combines to provide an amazing atmosphere. A cinema should be a place to escape from the world – the experience should be all encompassing and a complete break from normal life. Our cinema’s create a sense of anticipation and then fully immerse the client in the experience – this is the beauty of a dedicated home cinema!

Each of our high end home cinema’s are professionally calibrated to ensure the best possible experience.

For more details on any of these home cinema installations please get in touch.

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