Luxury Home Theater Rooms Installed in London.

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Enjoy Movies at Home with Friends & Family in Complete Comfort.

We are experts in transforming spaces into beautiful home theater rooms. These rooms are designed from the ground up to make the most of a client’s space and budget: from wall finishes and seating through to displays and surround sound systems, everything is designed to deliver the best return on investment. Each project is fully bespoke and designed with the client’s family and lifestyle in mind to guarantee an enjoyable space – which also delivers on the wow factor. We install theaters in client’s living rooms (with technology hidden away until required) in addition to dedicated theater rooms such as basement, attic and garage conversions. Our plans and 3D models enable clients to view the room before construction begins and allows them to be fully involved in the design process. We even provide tailored artwork to provide a truly unique finish which can double as acoustic treatments.

High End Home Theaters designed to transform Attic Spaces

An attic room can make a fantastic home theater – we can transform the unloved space to delight the whole family. Projector-based theaters with large 100″ plus screens, or theaters based on flat-panel TVs all work perfectly in attic environments. We have specific ranges of theater seating which is great for attics with lower head heights; they are a modular construction so can be installed in spaces with restricted access. Fully integrated sound systems provide the best audio available for your budget and we can build sound deadening directly into the fabric of the room, minimising leakage to other parts of the home. Furthermore, the typical attic room dimensions of sloping roof and rectangular shape can all be used to our advantage when designing the acoustic elements of the theater.

Bespoke Basement Home Theaters Designed & Installed

Basements can be the perfect space for a home theater or home cinema room, often lacking in the head height issues of an attic. The absence of natural light in basements is also a factor, meaning they perform brilliantly in this context – particularly projector based systems with screens over 100″. Acoustic treatments and integrated surround sound are custom designed to enrich the audio potential of your basement – we maximise your return on investment when selecting hardware and then make sure it performs at its absolute best. A flexible approach to theater seating allows us to create a formal cinema experience with traditional individual seats, or a more relaxed space with large day beds and comfy sofas. Lighting design is crucial for any high end theater, ensuring that the display performs at its best whilst highlighting room features and providing the right ambiance.