Crestron Lighting Control Systems
Crestron Lighting Control Systems

Crestron Lighting Controls & Building Management

Crestron Lighting Control & Home Automation Installations

LightSource by Crestron is the most comprehensive lighting control and automation system available. Crestron have utiltised their extensive knowledge to ensure seamless integration with the entire Crestron range whilst providing stand alone Lighting control and dimming. We have lots of experience designing and installing Crestron lighting systems - either stand alone or part of a whole home audio visual installation and can control any type of lamp.

Crestron Lighting Keypads & TouchScreen Panels

Crestron KeypadThe range includes a huge variety of keypads and touchpanels, available in a wide range of colours and finishes. Due to our custom programming services there is no need to visit every room closing blinds and setting light levels. One button press on your Crestron interface can set the rooms to your nighttime scene - blinds closed, curtains drawn and lights at your preferred levels. Should you wish to change the use of a room, for instance entertaining rather than watching a film, one button press will change the light levels.

Crestron Professional Home Automation & Lighting Controls

Crestron PAC2M Automation ProcessorCrestron's PAC2 processor is specifically designed to be house in one of their architectural lighting enclosures and allows seamless integration with the rest of the Crestron range of products such as HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning), Security and Audio Visual systems.

Crestron Digital Light Dimming Control Solutions

The Crestron range of digital light dimming solutions includes products for most applications - we can dim mains, lox voltage lights, compact fluorescent and LED's. The actual dimmers are hidden away with only a stylish keypad on show and are scalable - we design light dimming systems for one room through to whole house and office block systems. The range is complemented by devices like motion detectors and light sensors. Imagine the lights automatically switching on when you enter a room or the lights slowly rising as dusk falls. The same light sensor could also drop the blinds or close the curtains should the light be too bright on a summers day - resulting in perfect lighting whatever the weather.

Lighting & Home Automation Accessories

Crestron CH-MD1 Motion Detector Flush MountDaylight sensors can automatically raise the lights when darkness falls whilst lowering blinds or drawing curtains. These daylight sensors are part of the new lighting panel range pictured right which means each room can have independent control.

Crestron DIN-Rail Lighting and Control Modules

New from Crestron are the GreenLight DIN-Rail modules - designed to take up less space than the traditional light dimming equipment. The range is perfect for small spaces and includes modules to dim low voltage lamps, incandescent and 2 wire dimmable fluorescent - among other things. We now have a dedicated page on the Crestron DIN rail lighting solutions, please click here for details.