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Crestron Lighting Controls

Crestron Lighting Controls & Building Management

LightSource by Crestron is the most comprehensive lighting control and automation system available. Crestron have utiltised their extensive knowledge to ensure seamless integration with the entire Crestron range whilst providing stand alone Lighting control and dimming. We have lots of experience designing and installing Crestron lighting systems Рeither standalone or part of a whole home audio visual installation and can control any type of lamp. Crestron LED Lamps are the perfect partner to a Crestron DIN rail or CLXI lighting control system. The lamps have been designed from the ground up to provide excellent light output with a smooth, controllable dimming curve. These lamps dim from 100% to 1% with zero flicker and provide a uniform colour temperature throughout the range. From ceiling down-lighters to recessed uplighters the range includes enough variety to keep any lighting designer happy.

The Crestron range of digital light dimming solutions includes products for most applications – we can dim mains, low voltage lights, compact fluorescent and LED’s. The actual dimmers are hidden away with only a stylish keypad on show and are scalable – we design light dimming systems for one room through to whole house and office block systems. The range is complemented by devices like motion detectors and light sensors. Imagine the lights automatically switching on when you enter a room or the lights slowly rising as dusk falls. The same light sensor could also drop the blinds or close the curtains should the light be too bright on a summer’s day – resulting in perfect lighting whatever the weather.

Custom Controls