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Crestron LED Lamps

Efficient, Reliable and Dimmable!

The Crestron range of LED lamps is the perfect addition to a Crestron lighting system. The lamps dim perfectly from 0 to 100% brightness with flickering and have a constant colour temperature (the light they produce looks the same) throughout the dimming cycle – only getting slightly warmer as they dim down to 0%. The lamps are super efficient with a lamp with produces equivalent light to a 50W halogen lamp only consuming approximately 11watts – at full brightness. Savings can be huge when the energy savings are applied across a whole home – the client on our Derby project estimated his whole house was now using as much energy for lighting as his previous kitchen Diner (and that is before any dimming has taken place)! The long lamp life of around 50,000 hours ensures a fit and forget system, no more replacing bulbs!

Supply only is available for Crestron LED lamps – go to our Crestron online page for more information.

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